Re: Vertex Shader Tutorial

From: Phil Taylor (
Date: 12/08/04

Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 14:08:39 -0800


the sample of course does tell you where the vsh files come from or else it
would not work. period.

so it doesnt seem like you read the sample to see where and how it loads the
shaders from, as the code is pretty clear and the shaders are part of the
VC7 solution. do you see that? dolphintween and dolphintween2, and seafloor
and seafloor2?

and also note that the readme talks to this as well.

or have you read my MSDN article that covers the Dolphin sample and goes
over the shaders in excruciating detail? even optimizing them? it should not
be required to tell you where the DX MSDN site is, but in a previous post I
did. I even suspect a google search would turn it up.

also note some of my articles are actually in the recent SDKs.

so yes there is actually exactly what you want, but you persist in not
finding it. I dont see how you can miss it if you do a couple of minutes of
work. read and you will learn.

"Randy Chow" <> wrote in message
>I looked at this sample already, but does not tell me where the vsh files
> come from. Thanks.
> "Randy Chow" <> wrote in message
> news:OsNldv62EHA.3408@tk2msftngp13.phx.gbl...
>> Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has a really good tutorial on
>> Vertex Shaders? Something that is like the DirectX SDK Dolphin sample,
> but
>> with explanation of where the files come from and how the files are
>> generated. I was looking over the Dolphin sample, and was completely
> lost.
>> How is the VSH files generated, and how does it keyframe? Thanks.