Re: Using Direct3D to resize GDI+ Bitmaps

From: Scott Smith (
Date: 12/02/04

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 21:13:33 -0500

I think the performance cost is in moving from system memory to video
memory, because individually, Direct3D is FAST and GDI+ is fast. It just
seems to be moving data between the two that's slow.

I am moving 53760000 bits to video memory (Bitmap -> Surface) (1400x1200x32

I am moving 8000000 bits from video memory (Surface -> Bitmap) (500x500x32

I can't believe it's that slow. I mean when you BitBlt something to or from
the screen it just takes a small fraction of a second. But it's still
moving pixel data from video to system memory, right?

Scott Smith