CustomVertex confusion

From: Nak (
Date: 10/30/04

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 11:02:24 +0100

Hi there,

    I am having troubles selecting which custom vertex I require for my
application (cos I'm new to this). Anyway, I have basically a rectangular
texturemapped polygon, and I wish to be able to rotate it and the like. So
far I can only get the textured polygon to get rendered by choosing the
TransformedTextured vertex format, but for some reason or another I cannot
get any rotation to occur via the View transform. Is this *because* of the
vertex format I'm using?

    If I choose PositionTextured and put in the same values I can't see the
polygon?!? why is this? I tried looking up what the RHW value was all about
and just got mightily confused. But anyway, any ideas on what I'm doing