Re: AudioVideoPlayback! (thread title typo)

From: Moo0 (
Date: 10/29/04

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 20:02:33 +0200

I also had problems with AudioVideoPlayback.

I noticed the only safe time to do Device.Present is inside the TextureReady
which I suspect is actually inside the PresentImage() of the VMR's custom

The solution I found was to code my own Video Player in native C++
(Directshow) and wrap it with Managed C++ and call it from my C# code.

that's the only way I can be sure what the device is doing at *almost* any
present time.

if you need more details, email me.

"Vodzurk" <> wrote in message
> Seperate render loop.
> I want the rest of the render process to continue updating at 80fps or
> whatever, and drawing my other screen objects. The latest movie gets
> drawn
> as a sprite every render loop.
> The program is based on a set of screens, each of which has a set of
> objects. The objects are looped through, and the render function of each
> called. An object may be of a movie type, so rendering/synching via the
> TextureReady event isn't appropriate in this situation. What i want to do
> though, is in the TexutreReady event, lock a mutex, and dump the frame to
> it.
> My render then locks the same mutex and renders the texture as a sprite.
> It all works for a short while, with the occasional screen flicker. Then,
> upto 15 mins later (or as little as 5 seconds), the program crashes.
> Another
> symptom sometimes occuring is other textures not associated with the movie
> being lost... about 1 in 5 executions eventually turn other textures
> black.
> The movie texture also sometimes flickers with one of the other textures'
> image.
> "Moo0" wrote:
>> are you running a seperate render loop,
>> or is your rendering synch'd with the TextureReady event ?
>> "Vodzurk" <> wrote in message
>> > Apologies, my previous post title should read AudioVideoPlayback, not
>> > AudioVideoPlayer.
>> >
>> > Help!