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Date: 10/26/04

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 12:05:48 -0400

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Kepler wrote:
| Hi,
| am 25 years old and I want to learn DirectX .... I want to know
if I
| go and learn C++ and some win32 and DirectX, will I fall behind (the
| philosophy of all managed like C# or I will be obselete in 2-3 years )
? or
| if I learn managed ... would I ever be able to get a job in the
industry or
| work on a commercial game ? (I took a course on Dx9 at
| and it's all in C++ ) but I am more interested in managed compared to c++
| .... it's just seem to be it's safer for a carreer ....
| so from a career standpoint which is better/wiser now ?
| (I already learned some c++ in the past and now I am already doing
some C#)
| What I should do ?
| Thanks a lot

~ Not all games require the program to run fast, many of them just need
to be enjoyable, but knowing all of .net, including how to write
unmanaged C++ code as was mentioned will be useful. That is one of the
better parts of .net is that you can pick the best language for the job,
and if you need speed or better access to the win32 api you can write it
~ in standard C++, and then include it in your program.

~ The more tools you bring with you the better you will do overall.

~ Good luck.
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