DirectX LostDevice problems.

From: NeoAsimov (
Date: 10/11/04

Date: 11 Oct 2004 12:21:15 -0700


        I have some problems to handle the DeviceLost on my computer. Okay
there is the flow of events:

-> I press CTR-ALT-DEL, and then I come back to my desktop.
-> Present() throw me a DeviceLostException.
-> TestCooperativeLevel() throw me a DeviceNotResetException.
-> I receive a DeviceLost message. I free what I need to free
(Pool.Default, etc)
-> I reset the device. Take note that the device is correctly
-> I receive the DeviceReset message then I recreate what I freed and
re-setup my device.
-> After I'll get some DrawPrimitive exceptions (InvalidCallException)
(I can't saw any debug information, I turned on the unmanaged debug in
my project, I used dbmon.exe, nothing).
-> After these I get an InvalidCallException from EndScene().
-> Finally everything comes back to normal, I got my scene back and
everything is working just fine.
-> If I redo a CTR-ALT-DEL the whole thing will fall again. This time
the whole application will fall. I get an infinite of
InvalidCallException in both Clear(...) and BeginScene() (they are
called one after the other).

It does the same thing as DirectX simples. The problem is that they
also fail to work. I just installed the Summer Update 2004 and no
Managed simples work. When I press CTR-ALT-DEL for the first time they
fail to come back to life. I don't get any errors, they just don't
work back. This is strange because the C++ simples work just
fine(exactly as expected).

There is my configuration:

- The render is done on a Panel.
- WindowsXP professional English.
- All updates are installed (SP2). I tested without the SP2 installed
and it doesn't work too.
- I tested with a GeForce MX 440 and a ATI Rodeon 9600, some results
for both of them.
- The SDK, summer update 2003 and summer update 2004 are installed.
- For the result obtained above I have this setting: I use the DirectX
retail runtimes with the debug version of the Managed DirectX.
--> If I use these combinations: - DirectX debug runtimes with debug
or retail versions of the Managed DirectX
                        - DirectX retail runtimes with the retail version of the Managed
                                No DirectX simple are working in managed code. The CPU usage is at
100% the time the simple is running.

Really.... I really don't know what's the problem there... I work on
it since 3 days (fulltime) and nothing is working. Any help will be
really appreciated here.

Thank alot,