October Update - Texture problem in combination with Effects

From: Bunnz (www.bunnz.com)
Date: 10/11/04

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 09:23:14 +0200


since the October Update I have a strange problem. The texture gets
garbage collected if I use it in combination with effects. However the bug
only occurs if I:
* use effect.SetValue(eh, tex) instead of device.SetTexture(0, tex)
* use more than one texture and change them from time to time via

DBMon shows me following assertion..
3364: Direct3D9: (ERROR) :ASSERTION FAILED! File
irectx\dxg\d3d9\fw\mipsurf.hpp Line 74: m_cRefDebug == 0

I tried to increase the ref count of the texture by an amount of 10000.
Then it works, but the textures count down in arbitrary steps.

Sorry, that I can't post a better bug report for now but perhaps some of
you have the same problem.

Have fun,

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