SkinnedMesh bug/question

From: Larry Fuqua (
Date: 10/11/04

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 22:07:03 -0700

After installing the October update, the texture on my skinnedmesh was no
longer working. I kept getting the texture for another model. After
basically resorting to just moving code around I found that if I attempted to
load the textures prior to converting the mesh to a blended mesh, the texture
wouldn't work. But if I loaded the texture after converting the mesh it did
work. This didn't matter before installing the Octoboer update. Below is
the code pieces:

Texture[] meshTextures = null;
LoadTextures(meshData.Mesh.Device, meshCntr.GetMaterials(), out meshTextures);

int numInfl = 0;
BoneCombination[] boneCombos;
meshData.Mesh = skinInfo.ConvertToBlendedMesh(meshData.Mesh,
MeshFlags.Managed | MeshFlags.OptimizeVertexCache,
meshCntr.GetAdjacencyStream(), out numInfl, out boneCombos);

My guess is that my problem has to do with my lack of C# knowledge, but I
would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me why the above code
doesn't work.