Announcing .Net game using Managed DirectX

From: Marshall Belew (
Date: 10/08/04

Date: 7 Oct 2004 21:22:08 -0700

First, I would like to give credit to this group for helping me solve
some really odd problems. Managed DirectX has a fairly steep learning
curve, and you can get into some really weird situations.

That said, the rest of this message is SPAM for the game I participated
in developing for the last year.

I'm pleased to announce that we have successfully completed Tin Soldiers:
Alexander the Great(TM)! The game is written in 100% .Net using Managed
DirectX. If you are in to strategy games, I hope you add this game
to your collection. If you are new to strategy games, I think you will
be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to learn and difficult to master.

The game can currently be found for digital download or boxed retail
version at

Happy gaming!

Marshall Belew
Koios Works, LLC


Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great(TM)


Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great(TM) is a new wargame with a classic style.
Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great places you in the role of Alexander the
Great during his conquest of the known world. Guide Alexander through his
grand campaign from inheriting his father's legacy at the battle of Thebes
to his conquest of Darius III and the Persian Empire through his last great
battle at the Hydaspes, in the heart of Asia.

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great(TM) is pioneering many new and exciting
features. Favoring the grandeur and hand crafted look of miniature figures
we are eschewing the current gaming trend toward ultra realism. Our artists
spend their time drawing hundreds of individually adorned soldiers rather
than countless hours animating clones of identically clad animations
scratching their backsides! The game plays like a beautiful miniatures battle
from the historical units down to the table terrain, but with the advantages
of a computer opponent and a more dynamic turn structure.

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great(TM) is indeed turn based, but with a twist.
We have developed an engine for simultaneous turn based strategy. A player
does not take turns with his opponents, instead each opponent plans out their
strategy and issues orders to their units simultaneously, then presses a
play button and the battle rages as all the units execute their orders for
that turn in unison - just like RTS, but for the twitch impaired. In
addition, our unique "reaction" system enables mid-turn adjustments to
battle strategy.

The campaign unfolds with 3D panoramas of the different battlefields. The
battle scenarios and troop placements are based on real historic events with
entertaining, educational, and non-fiction cut-scene storytelling. More than
just a set of separate battles, the campaign allows you to make decisions in
between battles on which units to reinforce, whether to recruit new units
and how many of your resources to focus on training. Commanders can be
replaced and "battle cards" with a variety of game effects can be stockpiled
against future need. Fight as Alexander as you face off against Greeks,
Persians, Egyptians and the Indian Army with its Elephants.

Battles can be won by breaking the enemy army or by achieving a series of
historical objectives. The alternate victory conditions combine with the
reaction system, the battle cards and the between battle campaign decisions
to create incredible replayability. Moreover, as each battle in the campaign
is unlocked, it becomes available for single player skirmish play.

For those seeking a living opponent, Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great(TM)
includes support for multiplayer over the internet and local network
(via TCP/IP). Any of the campaign battles can be selected or players can
choose one of the two special multi-player scenarios: Bactria and Elysium.

Tin Soldiers: Alexander the Great(TM) does not have a steep learning curve -
to the contrary, it's easy to pick up, fun to play and difficult to master.
We believe that historical strategy gamers, miniatures gamers and fans of
Alexander will be interested in this title for its value as a game and as a
way to experience the campaigns of Alexander and test yourself against
perhaps the highest of benchmarks in military history.

Game Data

Complexity: Easy
Field of Play: Campaign and Battles
Historical Period: Ancient
Theatre: Greece, Persia, Egypt, India
Unit Scale: Regiments / Phalanxes
Turn Play: 15 Minute Battle Turns
Players: 2
AI: Yes
Game Editor: No


Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Pentium II 550 Mhz, AMD K6-3 500
128 MB RAM (256 MB for XP)
64 MB Video Card DirectX 9.0B compatible
Sound Card DirectX 9.0B compatible
1 GB Harddisk space
DirectX 9.0B (included)
.NET Framework: 1.1 .NET Framework (included)
Microsoft Media Player 9.0 or higher