Re: installation of dx9 managed doesn't work...

From: Fabian Schmied (REMOVETHISfabianDOTschmied_at_fhs-hagenbergDOTacDOTat)
Date: 10/06/04

Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 11:23:09 +0200

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:25:08 -0700, Larry <> wrote:

>> I think he's referring to something as such:
>> C:\DirectX\dxsetup.exe /InstallManagedDx
> I have typed this and it never has worked, I only get the install options
> box with the command line parameters. I have tried it with the .msi too
> but
> it won't take the above parameter.

If you get the install options box, you probably mistyped the parameter or
you used a version of the DirectX runtime setup which did not include
Managed DirectX (or you used the SDK installer, which does not require
this parameter). If you use the redist that is included with the Summer
Update 2004 SDK, this parameter does work. At least it does on my PC (I
just tried it out).

> I have installed XP fresh 6 times totally for
> DX9 and it won't fully install.

Yes, I read about your problems concerning the debugger. Sorry that I
can't help you there because I've never seen this problem (Rich may be
right about Visual C# not being recognized by the setup, but only the guys
at Microsoft can be sure about this). However: Is the Visual Studio
integration really that important? It's nice, yes, but it's not really
necessary for writing DX software.