Re: installation of dx9 managed doesn't work...

From: Larry (
Date: 10/05/04

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 10:25:08 -0700

>I think he's referring to something as such:
> C:\DirectX\dxsetup.exe /InstallManagedDx

I have typed this and it never has worked, I only get the install options
box with the command line parameters. I have tried it with the .msi too but
it won't take the above parameter.

> Where C:\DirectX is where he extracted the DX9 redist. install files from
> the self-extracting .exe.
> Here's my theory on it. The dxsetup.exe only detects for DX9 run-time to
> be installed. If you already have DX9c installed and you don't have
> managed DX, doing the above command-line switch won't do any good, and the
> dxsetup.exe will think you already have dx9c installed and just skip the
> install, completely ignoring MDX install. In this case, a manual execution
> of mdxredist.msi is necessary. Otherwise, if a computer w/o DX9c runs the
> above command-line statement, I think all should go well. Tell me if I'm
> mistaken.
> -Jarred

It makes sense to me, but I am pretty much lost now when it comes to
DirectX. I have been trying to get DX9-2004 to install the debugger and
VStudio options concerning the debugger for over two months! I have gotten
so ticked off at trying to get answers that I am switching back to OpenGL.
I have tried so many things and one thing seems certain to me concerning
DirectX. Nothing is for sure and the dang thing aint stable. Sorry I am
not more supportive but I can't even get an answer out of Microsoft on this
problem. I have a fast 2.2gig Dell PC with 512ram and XP-Pro and nothing
out of the ordinary at all. I have installed XP fresh 6 times totally for
DX9 and it won't fully install. I have installed it before SP1 and after,
before SP2 and after. Made no difference. After reinstalling XP, .net was
the 1rst install and DX9 the 2nd, made no difference to them being the last
installed. I'm stumped!

Thanks for your help, Larry.