Re: Redistribution of Managed DirectX

From: Chris Hastings (
Date: 09/30/04

Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 09:45:24 -0500

Sine we're talking managed code and .net assemblies, there is no COM type
You can either copy them to your run directory (as you said) or put the in
the GAC. The GAC is used for common assemblies and .NET will look there
first for an assembly. You can get stuff in the GAC using regasm.exe or by
simply copying the dll's into the windows\assemblies directory (it's hidden
by default, I think)

If you create an install using VS.NET, it will copy those dlls into your run
directory for you...
I hope that helps!

"Jarred Nicholls" <> wrote in message
>I have a friend whom has DirectX 9.0c end-user runtime, and I had him
>install the mdxredist.msi, and even after doing so, he was getting an
>exception saying that the Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX.dll, etc., could not
>be found. Any idea why this is happening? I had him download the full 34mb
>redistributable from microsoft (the one that contains 9.0c runtime and
>managed extensions) and still no go. He could see the Microsoft.DirectX.*
>dll files in the file list under dxdiag, so they are there, but somehow
>they aren't registered or something. What the hell is wrong?
> I'm going to have him next copy/paste the .dll files and put them right in
> the root folder of my application to see if that helps any.
> -Jarred