Re: Newbie: playing mp3

From: Todd A. Spatafore (
Date: 05/20/04

Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 15:54:46 -0700

The simple solution is to ask if you are sure you have an MP3 decoder on
your machine, but I'm going to assume that you do.

Next, I read somewhere else that someone had this same problem. The solution
for them was to start playback from position 1, the problem was some MP3's
try to playback from position 0 and no sound comes out. The code they
provided was (translated for your example below):

Audio a = new Audio("C:\\a.mp3");

Hope that helps.


"John" <> wrote in message
> New to DirectX, trying to play a MP3 file from C# (Framework 1.1, VS
> 2003).
> Code looks like:
> Audio a = new Audio("c:\\a.mp3");
> a.Play();
> But all I get is silence. Any ideas?? Works fine with WMA files.
> Thanks,
> John