C# Managed DirectX Demo

From: Filip Strugar (ask_me_at_nomail.com)
Date: 05/18/04

Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 19:45:40 +0200

To anyone interested: I've been working on a .NET terrain engine library,
mostly as a hobby, and I've made an interesting demo - and am using it to
compete in the ImagineCup student competition.

The library can handle big terrains, display them using dynamic smooth LOD
technique (resembling some existing geo-mip-map techniques), some texturing
and collision detection.

Demo shows the library's performance by implementing basic vehicle physics
on top of it, handling display, collision and physics for hundreds of
vehicles in realtime, besides rendering the terrain.

It's written completely in C#, except the physics library - I was granted
demo licence for C++ FastCar vehicle library.

Although it's pretty much basic and without any special cosmetics, the demo
can be interesting showcase to anyone thinking of the .NET/C# game
development: running collision and physics for 300+ vehicles on >3mil
triangle terrain, on a standard CPU, is more than enough power for any
driving simulation - and it's done under .NET.

Demo can be downloaded at:

(Other competition entries can be downloaded at:

If you like it, feel free to give it a vote :)