Re: Managed DX and CPU 100%

From: nusgrups (
Date: 05/07/04

Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 10:21:03 -0700

Thanks guys, sounds logical and I should've thought about it myself ... nothing better than making sure though :)
     ----- Sam wrote: -----
     In a windowed app based on the samples, the main loop will run as fast as
     the PC will let it wihle the window is active, taking 100%. When you select
     another window the app sleeps to let other apps use some cpu.
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> nusgrups schrieb:
>> With a very basic MDX app (loading only 1 mesh with some textures /
>> lights), the CPU is constantly 100%, is that normal behaviour? I've
>> never really looked at the CPU when playing PC games, but I tried
>> Warcraft III yesterday and it was constantly in the 100% during the
>> game too. I also tested the billboard MDX sample that comes with the
>> SDK and on 2 diff. machines CPU was 100%. I tried both the C# and C++
>> apps, same thing.
>>>>> Billboard Sample: P3 500Mhz 320Mb RAM 32Mb VRAM CPU 100%
>> FrameRate ~110FPS P4 2Ghz 512Mb RAM 64Mb VRAM CPU 100%
>> FrameRate ~220FPS
>>>> So should I be worrying about CPU or that's normal behaviour for
>> games in general?
>> Games usually run in a (more or less) endless loop without sleeping, so
> yes, this is normal behavior.
>> Fabian