Re: or mdxredist.msi as seperate download?

From: Armin Zingler (
Date: 02/20/04

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 22:26:14 +0100

"Philip Taylor [ATI]" <>
> perhaps you should start with a clean machine and perform the
> installation so you can inform your user how to use your package.
> order is very important, btw. you cannot just install these
> components in any order. if the .NET runtime is not installed before
> M-DX, it just plain wont work.
> plain, clear, installation instructions detailing the mandatory order
> of installation is required.

Thanks for your reply. Let me explain why I call the situation "chaotic":

I knew the requirements for running a MDX exe on a client machine:

1. Framework 1.1
2. Most recent DX

I thought and think this should be sufficient. Why is Windowsupdate not
up-to-date, i.e. why does it not install MDX? Isn't it a part of DX? As this
is not the case, the app didn't work despite both was installed.

Then I told the user, he has to install dx90update_redist.exe to solve the
problem. He did this, but it still did not work. At this point of time, I
did not know that dx90update_redist.exe only extracts files and that he has
to start dxsetup.exe afterwards. Why didn't I know this? I couldn't know it
because dx90update_redist.exe is not part of the SDK. You might say: "But it
contains the same as the redist directory, so it /is/ part of the SDK". You
were right concerning the content, but as I didn't have the
dx90update_redist.exe, I could not know this. I also couldn't know that it
only extract files and the user starts dxsetup.exe on it's own. If I had
known it, I could have told him to add the /installmanageddx switch.

After he told me that starting dx90update_redist.exe also didn't solve the
problem I told him to try the /installmanageddx switch with
dx90update_redist.exe. Of course this didn't work either.

I did know that the SDK docs say that dxsetup.exe must be installed with the
/installmanageddx switch, but I wondered how does the user get this file? As
there seems to be no download available, I would have to send him my redist
directory. If this was the only way, he would have installed DirectX from
Windowsupdate unnessarily, then get another 37.5 MB from me just to make
MDX work. It is obvious that this is hard to make clear.

Then I downloaded dx90update_redist.exe. As I didn't want to /install/ it,
I only extracted the contained redist.exe using Winzip and again it's
content. This way I found out that dxsetup.exe is already contained. Now I
told my user that he has to do the same (extract it manually), then start
"dxsetup.exe /installmanageddx" to solve the problem. Do you see the point?
As I didn't need to install it, I didn't start it, and because I didn't
start it, I couldn't know that it only extracts files. If I had known this
before, I would have known that the user did start dxsetup.exe on his own
and I could have told him to add the switch.

I hope, I explained it in detail now. :-)

I think the documentation is incomplete concerning deployment.

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