Audio playback not smooth due to odd sample frequency 16315?

We have a hardware transmitter which transmits 16 bit stereo PCM audio
at ~16315 Hz. I am playing back the audio using the waveOut API. I
found on Windows XP if I open the audio device with this frequency, it
is running too slow. Thus I had to "bump up" the frequency I specify
to waveOutxxx upto 16350 Hz or 16400 Hz (different on different PCs)
to match the input rate.
I have not seen this problem in Windows Vista, is it because the new
audio driver stack for Vista is better?
From searching the internet and this group it seems KMixer is the
culprit as it's resampling algorithm is not very accurate (even with
the best quality specified through Audio properties)?
It seems using Directsound API will not solve the problem either,

I could not find a solution to this problem, some people have
suggested to use audio rendering code that bypasses the Kmixer like
ASIO or something. Is that the right direction to proceed?
Thank you.