Win32 app suspends on minimize window animation.

I'm writing a multi-threaded streaming audio application (using DSound) in
C++ (MSVC) on Windows XP SP2.

The problem I've encountered is that, upon minimizing / restoring any
application on the task bar, all threads in my application are suspended
while the window animation is active. This affects me because it causes the
audio in my application to stutter every time a window is minimized or
restored. I am streaming real time voice.

Unchecking the check box titled "Animate windows when minimizing an
maximizing" in the windows / system properties / advanced / performance
"visual effects, processor scheduling, ..." / Settings / Custom tab seems to
resolve this issue.

Adjusting the priority of my process to "High" and "Realtime" does not help.

Can anyone help shed some light on this topic?