How to record mp3 on Vista (using


I have some software that works just fine on Windows XP, but fails to work on Vista. I am simply streaming mp3 to a file - you can use the following setup in graphedit to demonstrate:

Audio Capture Device ---> Mpeg Layer-3 ---> WavDest ---> FileWriter

This works great, I can record from a microphone straight to disk as mp3, however, the problem comes in Vista, when the l3codeca.acm has had it's compressor removed (according to previous post in this newsgroup).

Now I know there is another compressor, l3codecp.acm which I can enable via the registry, but this isn't really a good enough solution (I want our software to work straight out of the box, and on a fresh install of Vista).

Is there a way of telling DirectShow exactly which compressor to use, rather than just asking for a compressor of type "Mpeg Layer-3"?

So, what I'd really like to know is, how can I record an mp3 from my microphone in Windows Vista (using DirectShow)?

Many thanks for any help,