Re: Detecting audio capture delay

Chris P. [MVP] wrote:

On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 15:56:34 -0700, Mike Warren wrote:
Does anyone know where this delay is coming from and how I can
detect it so I can restart the capture?

Can you check how many sample buffers are being used? You might need
to put a debug trans-ip filter inline to find out.

Do you mean on the capture pin? I am checking with
GetAllocatorProperties on the capture pin and all the values remain
what they were when I set the buffer size.

Setting my program to a high priority helps but doesn't cure the

What's the rest of your graph like? If you're using an audio
renderer then that's the most likely culprit, it has too much leeway
in it's internal buffers and there is no good way to dial that in to
your needs. You can watch the stats in the property page to see it's
buffer status.

In my test program it's just "Realtek AC97 Audio" capture -> "Default
DirectSound Renderer"

I'll run it with the renderer's property page open to see if I can get
any more information on the problem.

I would prefer this didn't happen but it would be acceptable if I could
know when it happens so I can automatically stop and restart the graph.