Re: VS 2005 legacy DirectX

"Jon Beatty" <foobar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote...

I have a legacy DirectX application that I would like to move from VS 6 to
VS 2005. I don't seem to find any articles or assistance on the web for
this kind of an adventure.
For instance it appears that streams.h has been replaced but I'm not
certain what to replace it with.

That's not DirectX, but the old non-standard streams library which was
removed as of VS 2003. You should be using the proper C++ standard library
stream classes instead.

As I've inherited this app I'm having to learn the old DirectX audio
classes and I don't see them in the new .Net flavor of
DirectX/DirectSound. Things like CSourceStream and CBaseFilter to name
two, just don't seem to be there. Can anyone point me to some
documentation that will help educate me on this conversion?

You needn't be writing a .NET app just because you're using VS 2005 - are
you aware you can still write native code? It's something that sometimes
causes confusing when people move past VC 6...