Re: VS 2005 legacy DirectX

On Mon, 18 Sep 2006 15:44:16 -0500, Jon Beatty wrote:

I have a legacy DirectX application that I would like to move from VS 6 to
VS 2005. I don't seem to find any articles or assistance on the web for
this kind of an adventure.
For instance it appears that streams.h has been replaced but I'm not certain
what to replace it with.

As I've inherited this app I'm having to learn the old DirectX audio classes
and I don't see them in the new .Net flavor of DirectX/DirectSound. Things
like CSourceStream and CBaseFilter to name two, just don't seem to be there.
Can anyone point me to some documentation that will help educate me on this
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

What you are referring to is what is known as DirectShow. DirectShow has
been moved out of the DirectX SDK due to it's focus on desktop applications
vs gaming. It is now found in the Windows Platform SDK. Get the most
current platform SDK, which is currently W2K3 R2. You'll notice that the
samples, including the baseclasses, no longer have project files - you can
get those here:

If you have any trouble building the BaseClasses or the samples, refer