Re: streaming mp3 playback

On 15 Sep 2006 11:57:12 -0700, insomnia137@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Well, the problem happens in RenderFile. I get a First chance except at
Memory address. Access violation reading location 0xfffffffe error.
Breaking doesn't reveal any information as I'm told no symbols are
loaded for any call stack frame and the source code cannot be
The first chance exception is reported in other clients (through the
output window) but not the access violation. And the other clients do
not crash, they play music just fine.

I am including the code for the CreateFilter function in case this
sheds some insight. As a parting note, we made a standalone Directshow
test app on the same machine and it had no problems, so maybe it has
some relation to our app using threads.

Does the built graph use the WM ASF Source or the ASyncSource?

Your graph build function looks innocent enough.

Do the mp3 files in question happen to have a large ID3v2 header? The
default MP3 parser does not support large ID3v2 tags as they violate the
original mp3 stream rules (too many invalid packet flags).