Re: How to copy source/data of LDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER to LDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER8 variable.

Thanks Chris again.

When i SetFX for LDIRECTSOUNDBUFFER8 objects, Echo is example, it has echo
But i would like to i also can disable this effect when i want , i mean i
will have a button to determine play with effect or play without effect.

Can help me how to do that?

"Chris P. [MVP]" <msdn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:09:02 +0700, Paul wrote:

Thanks , i can capture and add effect then playback at the same time. I

But i have other question: i see that the demo have a delay time between
say into microphone and playback to device. delay time about 120 - 140
miliseconds. Can you show me the reason?
And can you help me fix this, i would like to "say and hear" are
or decrease time delay?

Decrease the buffer size and the notification interval, that is what
determines the latency. Note that the minimum you will be able to achieve
with DirectSound is between 30-40ms, this is due to internal buffering in



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