Re: Build virtual audio driver with Directsound and use with Skype?

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006 16:15:52 +0700, Paul wrote:

I am managing to build an app that allow i can build virtual audio driver
with using Directsound SDK, can ?
I also hear that DDK can allow building virtual audio drive, right?
which (DDK\or Directsound) i should use to build the virtual audio drive.

And I would like Skype also can use this driver?

Anyone can help/show me how to do these? Have sample (source code) for

If you build the sample correctly it can be used with any application.

The sample is in the 2003 SP1 (or XP) DDK under \src\wdm\audio\msvad.
Refer to the DDK readme's for building information and installation