Re: streaming mp3 playback

Chris P. [MVP] wrote:
On 11 Sep 2006 11:16:31 -0700, insomnia137@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

We've been using directshow in our client app for streaming mp3's up
till now, but ever since we converted to vc8 (and the corresponding
platform and directx sdk upgrades) we've been having problems with
certain users who have onboard soundcards. specifically some of them
get no audio playback, even though setting up a test app shows playback
working. Because of this we've been wondering what other options
besides directshow were there for streaming mp3's.

DirectShow just wraps the core interfaces of DirectSound and waveOut,
there's no magic there. I guess you would need to figure out where things
are going wrong.

If you want to avoid DirectShow you can decode MP3 with the ACM, or the
Microsoft installed DMO or with a 3rd party lib such as LAME. Audio output
choices would be DirectSound or waveOut.


I guess the first thing i need to do is figure out whether the problem
lies on the directshow streaming/decoding the mp3 side, or with the
actual playback. I'll look into that, thanks.