Re: How to stream on the network encoded audio

DevX wrote:

Alessandro, can you provide my some more info/link on the
DMO you speak of?

Since you were trying to use WME, I guess you want to
compress your audio to WMA and the WMA audio encoder is
implemented as a DMO. However, this does not duplicate all
WME does:

1. read data using DirectShow
2. convert data (if necessary) using ACM
3. compress data to WMA using the WMA DMO
4. mux data into ASF using the WMWriter
5. stream ASF over MMS protocol using the WMNetworkSink

The WMA DMO (as well as ani ACM codec or third-party audio
compressor) only performs step 3. You can read all about it

Steps 4-5 require the WMWriter (which optionally also
performs steps 2-3, see the WMF 9.x SDK).

// Alessandro Angeli
// MVP :: DirectShow / MediaFoundation
// a dot angeli at psynet dot net


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