Re: Which case should we develop as not DMO but DirectShow filter?

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006 01:36:01 -0700, Takeshi wrote:

Hi all,

I am considering to develop the components to encode, decode or effect audio
Which case should we develop not DMO but DirectShow filter?

I read the DirectShow section in the Platform SDK document.
The document says thast we must develop DirectShow filter below.
- If you want to use DirectX Video Acceleration in your decoder, you must
implement it as a filter.
But I couldn't find other case exept it.
So it seems that DMO is appropriate for many cases.

But it is difficult to find the DMO for Audio in the internet.
There are many DirectShow filter for Audio in the internet.

I want to know why many person select not DMO but DirectShow filter.
I'm afraid that we develop our component as DMO.


DMO is a new format and if you are already familiar with DS it can be
easier to develop a filter in DS than learn DMO.

DMO is most assuredly the way of the future and (for example) can be used
outside a graph, making it more flexible.

If your need fits in the constraints of DMO, then certainly use DMO.

Iain Downs (DirectShow MVP)
Commercial Software Therapist

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