Re: Hot to make VU meter & Config a RegFilter on DirectShow

On 14 Apr 2006 11:20:01 -0700, DiegoMol wrote:

I'm making an app that plays mp3 and other files, i understand how the
filtergraph works, but i don't know how to read peak values (wich is
the best way to make a vu metter? is possible from

also, if i wish to insert a DirectX filter into the filtergraph from
RegFilterCollection (let say a compressor or Eq), how i can change the
values of an EQ as example?
i know that i need to show the filter in a that possible
from visual basic? because i don't know how to get an instance of that
filter to draw the interface on a form.-

Not with what MS provides but see my other post for the best resource for
using dshow on .NET.

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