Re: Audio File Conversion

On Sat, 1 Apr 2006 15:56:01 -0800, TryingMyBest wrote:

Thanks Chris. Now what about the g.711 codec. Does it support various rates
such as 8 and 11 kilobits/second? I would assume so. I tried it in
graphedit, but could not set the output format. As well, I assume that I can
pick the start and stop points in the file. ie. Just save a segment of the

It takes any sample rate up to at least 44.1 kHz, however it does not do
sample rate conversion. If you need to do sample rate conversion then you
can use the PCM filter in front of the g.711 codec. You'll have to go to
code at this point to play with configuring output pins. All ACM wrapped
filters and most other compression filters can be configured through the
IStreamConfig interface on their output pin.

Setting the start and stop points is a fairly standard function of the
parser, and is done via IMediaSeeking::SetPositions (get the interface from
the graph builder). Some obscure parser filters may not accept stop
positions but all the common ones do.