Re: No audio if I play a .mp3 file with DirectShow

I want to tell that I resolved my problem: I re-convert my mp3 files and now
I listen to them with my application! I don't know why WMP plays correctly
the old files but, anyway, now that I re-convert all files (at the same
bitrate!256Kbps) there aren't problems. Probably there was a problem in the
Thanks to all for the support!!

"Bea" wrote:

I did another test: I used the example "audioboxdlg" in DirectX9SDK (in the
folder \Extras\DirectShow\Samples\C++\DirectShow\Players\AudioBox) and I
don't listen to the audio again (only if I move the slider of the execution
position I listen to the audio).

Then I tried to modify the code so that when I play an .mp3 file I use the
method "RenderWMFile", where the filter is ASF reader and the file is loaded
with IFIleSourceFilter. But even in this case ther is no audio!!!!

What can I do?

"Alessandro Angeli [MVP::DS/MF]" wrote:

The March Hare [MVP] wrote:

He's great, isn't he.

Well, thanks :-))

I hope this is the problem...Now I try it.
Do you know where can I find some code in c#?
Because I have a problem with the parameter
"CLSID_WMAsfReader" for the creation of the IBaseFilter:
in the class Clsid of DShowNet.dll there are only
"FilterGraph", "CaptureGraphBuilder2" ,
"DvdGraphBuilder", "SampleGrabber" and

Look at the DirectShow.NET project on SourceForge (see my
Links page).

The DShowNet.dll she mentioned is the compiled module
produced by the DirectShow.NET project on
which is incompatible with the DirectShow.NET project on

To Bea:

The CLSIDs are either listed in the documentation of a
filter of in uuids.h in the DirectShow SDK, so you can just
define your own, or you can use
DShowNET.Device.DsDev.GetDevicesOfCat() with the
CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory category, which you need to
define (it's in uuids.h).

Or you can follow TMH's advice and rewrite your application
using the DirectShow.NET on which is a more
complete a friendly wrapper.

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// MVP :: DirectShow / MediaFoundation
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