Re: Capture Filter

Thanks for the rapid response,
I saw immediately after your answer that in the Callback notification method
the OS sends a similar message WIM_DATA (which its value is also 0x3c0), but
I couldn't intercept it with SPY++ either.
Can you farther direct me?

Thanks in advance


"Chris P. [MVP]" <msdn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Fri, 7 Oct 2005 13:15:50 +0200, Vinter wrote:
> > Thanks Chris,
> >
> > I followed your information and tried to trace Windows Multimedia
> > of type MM_WIM_DATA to my DirectShow capture application. I have done
> > with SPY++ (looking for an "unknown messages" 0x3c0 -taken from
> > I could easily trace these messages in my own applications and in common
> > applications like "Windows Sound Recorder" but couldn't with my
> > application and also with some other application like MSN Messenger and
> > Windows Messenger. Can you direct me what am I doing wrong?
> Window messages are only one of the available notification methods. Also
> there is callback, event, and polling. The DirectShow capture filter uses
> the callback method.