Re: DirectSound play events triggering before play is started

From: Chris P. [MVP] (
Date: 12/01/04

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 16:56:14 -0500

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 08:41:50 -0500, Grant Schenck wrote:

> Hello,
> I don't appear to get this problem running on Win XP SP2. It seems to
> always occur in Win XP (without any SPs) and Win2K.
> Specifically, I open capture and play devices and setup the
> notifications and buffers. I then start capture (but not play) and
> the capture events start triggering but SO DO MY PLAY EVENTS.
> This doesn't make a whole lot of sense because I never requested for
> play to start. This happens for all play buffers I created for the
> specified device. I carefully checked my code and all appears
> correct. I'm using different event for notifications for the capture
> and each play buffer. In addition, all works correctly on WinXP SP2.
> So, obvious question is this a know issue with DirectSound on pre XP
> SP2 (or possible pre XP SP1?)

Do you get the same thing if you create the playback buffers as a software

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