Re: 2 Mono Record

From: Chris P. [MVP] (
Date: 05/25/04

Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 16:37:39 -0400

Ahmet Öztürk wrote:
> Hi Chris.
> First of All thank you very much for your replay. I have tried before
> in GraphEditor. But there is litle problem. In and Out PINs of GSM
> Codes accepts mono Stream. I am thinking your advice. I have to use
> Custom Spitter filter before GSM Codec in GraphEditor. Am I right.
> Ok. All right. How can I write like this filter. I am new in
> DirectShow filters. Is there any good resource or example?
> Thank You Very Much again for everything.

Yes, the GSM Codec is mono but it will accept a stereo stream. I'm not sure
if it throws away the right channel or mixes it with the left.

I would base you splitter filter on the InfTee filter sample that is in the
DXSDK. The InfTee sample will make a duplicate output to each pin, you
should be able to modify it to send a selective data stream to each output.