Re: Project management.

Build a `TARGETTYPE=LIBRARY` for all of the folders with *.c/*.cpp
files, then create a directory with a different target that consumes the
by-product of the other folders. Synchronize the whole things


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"janemba" <janemba@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Looking some examples developing windows drivers using the DDK,
I always noticed the same disposition of the project :

|__ src/*.c
[__ inc/*.h

Few times ago I tried to arrange my projects in a different way,
so I try this :

|__ src/
| |_ core/*.c
| |_ foo/*.c
| |_ bar/*.c
| |_ mod/*.c
|__ inc/
|_ core/*.h
|_ foo/*.h
|_ bar/*.h
|_ mod/*.h

With this, I had a big problem...I didn't find any way to compile
this solution correctly. I tried different things with Makefile
and sources file but nothing worked.

Do you have any idea to compile this using DDK ?



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