Re: ENUM\USB\xxx entry missing

fross-perry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have a USB device based on a Cypress EZ-USB chip. When it's plugged
in, a driver loads, downloads firmware to the device, and disconnects.
The firmware then runs and the device reappears on the bus under a
different PID.
This time in-box HIDdrivers are loaded and we're off to the races.

After this is all over, there is an entry for the device under ENUM
that looks like this:


I believe "blahblahblah" contains information for the system to find
the driver the next time the device is
plugged in.

On four identical Dell Optiplex systems, the device works when plugged
in, but not when unplugged and replugged.

Do you mean, when plugged in to a different USB port? If your device does
not have a serial number, you'll get a new hardware wizard every time you
plug it into a different port.
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