Re: need some serious help here!!!

From: Maxim S. Shatskih (
Date: 12/31/04

Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 22:55:23 +0300

> adoration. Except Maxim that is, who loves using command shells and no
> doubt something horrid like vi or emacs.

No, I love MSVC's editor, it is very handy.

I cannot imagine using vi for development. It is a pathetic simple thingie to
edit UNIX config files. Even the Midnight Commander's editor feature - "mc -e
myfile" is by far better then vi.

So, to edit PHP files, I do this in VC in a directory mounted from the UNIX
host by "smbfs" :)

As about emacs - my experience with it is - started it, did not found a way to
quit it, then killed it :) from what I known, it is a long past paleolythic
days of the software, the days of the green terminals, the days before the
WordStar's editor keyboard map was adopted.

Even Linus Torvalds hates emacs. The editor is just a junk in terms of

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