Urge to kill computer rising; RegSvr32 error 0000001f

Some time about two years ago my ADO fucntion turned belly-up and I
have been unable to fix the problem(s). Downloading the latest MDAC
package (2.8) and installing it did not help: while the installer ran,
several .DLL files generated errors and did not register, one file
being MSADO15.DLL

I assume there is a dependancy issue preventing the files from
registering: some where there are registry entries and/or older files
standing in the way.

There *MUST* be a FAQ or Knowledge Base entry somewhere with the
solution to this problem, but Google and I have been unable to find it.

If there is any kind being out there (human, clever chimpanzee,
whatever) with the solution, would you please share it with me before I
take my Ruger Blackhawk .45 stainless steel "reprogramming tool" and
send my computer to hell where it belongs? Thank you.