Re: Microsoft drops PearsonVue

"The Rev [MCT]" <ireportbadpeople@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in

You don't actually believe Test centers make any money delivering
exams do you? Trust me they are not in it for the money. It's simply a
loss leader.

Not to belittle your experience, but I don't buy this theory at all.

If the testing centers were all losing money there simply would be no
testing centers. What possible benefit would they have in (in essence)
giving away tests? Saying that they do this at a loss is a load of crap
because there are thousands of test centers out there and this idea of
them all throwing money into a gargantuan fire pit is ridiculous. I
would be more prone to believe that the profit margin is slim, but not
so slim that they will stop delivering exams.

My thoughts are that MS feels it will cost them less to have one testing
solution provider due to ease of administration, thus they will keep
more of their revenue from the certification program. If they made more
cash having 2, 3, or 400 different testing solution providers that is
likely the route they would go.