Re: Baddie of the Year !!!

"Cerebrus" <zorg007@xxxxxxxx> wrote in news:1167577049.200528.168420

So who was the Biggest, Baddest, Evil-est villain of the year 2006 ??

Well, a poll was conducted by AP amongst Americans and here are the
results :

Bush beats Osama hands down ! Bush's supporters can finally rejoice
that Bush has beaten Osama in atleast one thing. And guess what !
Saddam (poor devil) comes third.

Read the full story at : <>

What say y'all we also cast our votes for Baddie, Goodie, and Hottie
the year ? I know Lowdes is pushing for a "Troll of the year" vote,
I'm reluctant for that one.

I unofficially nominate SuperNews/Critical Path and Starbucks as Most
Evil Corporations of the Year.

I nominate "The axis of evil". I nominate it as the co with the coolest name too.