Re: Failed MCSD 70-300 with Measure up

I remember when I took 70-300 (early 2006), I found it to be a very nitpicky
reading comprehension exam.

There was very little "technical" content, but the reading and criticial
thinking skills it tests required alot of checking and re-checking. I was
particularly irked, as they had some deceptive answers in there.

Chris Mullins, MCSD.NET, MCPD:Enterprise, Microsoft C# MVP

"Cheval" <Cheval@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
First exam? No, I've passed 70-306, 70-229, 70-305 and 70-310 and
got the MCAD. This was the last test for MCSD.

The exam style didn't throw me as I had done it once before and the
Up practice exam had a similar style.

Answers in the questions? Yeah, that's the hard part, up until the point
seeing the screen showing the fail, I was quite confident that I had
checked my answers against each case study. But apparently not or not well

I've done some research last night and today on the questions that I could
remember from the test and for the ones I can remember apparently I was
right. On googling the question, the Brian Dump websites seem to have
questions and some form of answers, so maybe thats the next step...?

Thanks for you feedback.

"Egghead" wrote:

Sorry to hear
Is it your first exam on the MCSD track?
I thought I get an 'A' on 70-300, but I only got a low-700s. It is a very
different exam than the others.
Actually I find out that most of the ans are given in the q, you just
to read the q very carefully and find the hints.

"Cheval" <Cheval@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've unfortunately failed 70-300 twice now. The first time after doing
online training course and reading the self paced training book, I got
score of 667. I heard good comments on practice tests and went and
the Measure Up practice test. I got 92% on the 150 questions and
thought I
was ready. But today I again failed with a score of 667, so I'm at a
of a
loss at where I should be looking next to see where my weaknesses are.

It would have been nice to see the strength bars like the previous 4
but I guess this is a rather exclusive exam.

What has worked (training or practice exams or some sort of skill
etc) for other that have passed?