Re: is MS cert. still paper cert.?

Ideally the MC** certifications should be a reflection of the skills
you possess in real life.
If you're programming in VB.Net 2.0 (congratulations on getting a job
in this market by the way) then you should go for MCPD certification.
Unless, of course, you've already started on the MCAD/MCSD, in which
case you should finish that cert and then upgrade to MCPD.

As for .NET 3.0. There seems to be a consensus here that .NET 3.0 =
..NET 2.0 (the runtime and base libraries would remain the same) +
WinFX. Therefore getting a .NET 3.0 certification would most likely
invole getting a .NET 2.0 cert MCPD + exam(s) on the WinFX libraries
(ie. WCF, WPF, WF and WCS).


dotnetnoob wrote:
i just got my CS degree this year and currently working as programer. is MCSD
worth the time and money to study for? i'll like to earn a cert. that can
help me improve my skill. (i'm programing in 2.0) is MS cert. still
consider paper cert? did it help you learn programing and program in MS's

why so many different MS cert. for developer? you got
MCSD/MCAD/MCTS/MCPD...jeebus, which one should i take? i'll like to learn the
latest that mean .Net 2.0 so do i just go for the MCPD or what?

what happen when .Net 3.0 is release? Do i need to retake all the exam or
can i just take a simple exam to upgrade my skillset to .Net 3?

Can someone comment on MS cert.'s worth and which cert. should i take for
.Net 2.0?