Re: One More exam left before MCSD! (70-300)

I just passed 70-300 2 weeks ago or so. I'm (thinking of) taking 70-330
next and its my last test for MCSD.NET. I'll give you some pointers on 300
if you give me some on 330 :D

I used the MSPress book - which was ok, but hte questions on the CD were
much more helpful. Besides that I used many online resources including:

As for the test, it was my first case study - so i bought the transcender,
which was incredibly helpful - as all the other practice exams were just
question based.
Another thing I found while taking the test and studying is, as usual,
assume NOTHING unless a reason is explicitly stated in the case study.
I was told and read I'd get 160 minutes, but the test only gave 120. I used
almost every minute. Once finished with a case study you cannot go back to
it. So, use every minute to review, review, review. Someone posted on here
and i used the theory alot - make sure KNOW why you ARE NOT choosing certian
awnsers, instead of knowing why you ARE choosing the one you choose.

Thats about all I have. Good luck with it, and congrats on your achivements
so far.
"Paul Qualls" <Paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Took the security exam today (70-340) and passed. It was by far harder
> than any of the others that I had taken, but I heard it was a challenge,
> and in the long run the skills I obtained while preparing will be an asset
> to me as well as my company.
> Now for 70-300
> Any pointers for aquiring a passing score on that one? I have the mspress
> set which has a book for it, as well as I have the exam cram 2 book. But
> I am open to any other direct study material/methods that anyone might
> offer some insight into.
> Thanks,
> Paul Qualls