Re: Comparing 70-320

From: AndrewAussie (
Date: 12/07/04

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 15:41:05 -0800

The breadth of this topic is quite large (ASP.NET/IIS, COM/COM+, Inperop, WS,
Remoting, ADO.NET, XML/DOM) and the depth required is deep. So I feel more
comfortable with a single focused topic (315 or 316) at least there is a
common thread linking the technologies together making it easier to study.
This is going to be a challenge.

"Eric" wrote:

> Pete B. wrote:
> > I already passed 70-315 and 70-316 with scores around 850. I've
> > being studying for a while for 70-320. I always use Transcender for
> > my preparation. Without breaking NDA, can anyone compare 70-320
> > with these two other tests I already passed (especially regarding
> > complexity
> more difficult. I thought this was the weakest of the various
> transcenders exams. It's not a bad learning tool, but it's not very
> close to the real exam.
> Of course, there's fewer indivual topics on the 320 (compared with
> 315), so it can be easier to study because you don't have to focus on a
> lot of different things.
> Eric