Re: How important is GPA in getting a Job

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Date: 11/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:45:33 -0800

Surely showing your skills on a .Net site would be more

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>hehe no man my website has my resume which tells us wat I
>did. Website is plain html any 1 yr old kid can do that.
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>>In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcsd, AZZ climbed on a
>soapbox & opined:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am a undergrad student of comp science and my
>>> sucks, 2.5. yeah i know it sucks.
>>> How imp is gpa in getting me a job. I got 3 yrs of
>>> experience in and C# and iam ranked top 100
>>> on forums. Written articles that were
>published on
>>> In other words I am .net GEEK. The reason of
>>> bad GPA is I was never interested in the courses
>tought in
>>> uni and most of the time only did .NET programming
>which I
>>> love the most.
>>> my website
>>> What do u guys think ?
>>I think if your website is any indicator of your
>abilities, you'd better
>>crank up that GPA.