Career Path - possibly OT

From: eddie (
Date: 09/21/04

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 16:11:19 -0400

    I apologize if this is completely inappopriate for this group, but i am
honestly seeking advice from you all because I respect the opinion and
ethics of this group and im guessing that my situation might be shared by
    I am in my 4th year of employment as microsoft developer for a small
shop with 2 MCSD exams under my belt (305,306). I plan to complete the MCSD
within the next few months. Im at the point where i would like to seek new
employment opportunities. During my job browsing ive found that there is
indeed a local market for MS developers with not only high level of
technical knowledge, but knowledge of business processes as well.
    My experience has been limited to small scale projects and consequently,
i feel that in order to further myself, i need to find a slot on a project
developing larger scale applications. Im also concerned that potential
employers may look at my experience as somewhat irrelevant to Enterprise
level projects. Does anybody have any thoughts or advice in the
'transitioning' from smaller scale to larger scale project work?
    I was also wondering if anybody has known or worked with MCSD 's that
have made the transition to system administration? If so, how was this
done? I have limited administration experience and was wondering if it
would be a pipe dream for me to 'switch' to administration.