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From: Brad (
Date: 09/15/04

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 11:19:41 -0600

Here's another little something you might find useful, if you have broadband
access of some sort. About as good as any CBT out there I imagine, and its
totally free. If you attend live, and there are several coming up, you can
even ask questions. Great for you, or any beginners around here. They'll
even get into some advanced stuff.

"SewerRat" <> wrote in message
> Thanks much for taking the time to reply. Glad this forum
> is alive. I am sure it will come in as handy as it has
> already. I am currently working on SQL 2000 and IIS here,
> so I've got some experience with those. I'll probably
> pick up a copy of Inside c#, 2nd Ed for a primer on C#
> since both of you mentioned it. I get academic pricing on
> all my software here so I can avoid college coursework
> (kind of like I did for the 7 years I was in college) and
> still get the discounts. Thanks again!
> >-----Original Message-----
> >I'm looking into MCSD.NET certification and wondering
> what
> >an appropriate course of study for someone of my
> >background might be. I have a Bachelor of computer
> >science that I completed in the early 90's with virtually
> >no OOP coursework. I'm an NT MCSE and a CCNA employed as
> >a Network Administrator. I'm ready for a change.
> >
> >I just bought the MS Core Training kit for .NET and it
> >seems to assume I know quite a bit of C# or Visual
> Basic.
> >Can someone reccommend a decent text that would serve me
> >well as a primer for the Training Kit and also be a good
> >C# reference down the line. Also, if you feel there are
> >other prerequisite studies I should do, let me know what
> >those might be. Thanks in advance for your replies.
> >.
> >