Re: All you wanted to know about MCP/ MCAD / MCSD but where afraid to ask

From: Alistair (
Date: 09/01/04

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 16:14:03 -0700

Now you're just being silly. Initiative and common sense?
Since when do those characteristics feature in an
technology career? Isn't that what management types are

Hell if you're going to those lengths, you might as well
put some real effort into the cert program. The next steps
from this type of craziness would be to make the exams
difficult enough to actually mean something. Then, of
course, you'd have to do something about all those pesky
braindumpers. But if you do that, the only people getting
certs would be the ones that actually know something or
(heaven forbid) have some real experience. Then the cert
provider wouldn't be able to boast that more than 1.5
million people have their cert.

What's next from here? An actual lab exam?

Sorry, now I'm the one who's being silly.
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>>OMG!!!!! Is the ability to READ now a requirement? When
>>did that happen??? Next they'll be asking for a basic
>>understanding of development methodologies or (heaven
>>forbid) the ability to communicate!
>nope, that's just crazy talk. Whatever next, initiative
and common
>sense maybe?
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