All you wanted to know about MCP/ MCAD / MCSD but where afraid to ask

From: Alistair (
Date: 09/01/04

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 18:09:22 -0700

OMG!!!!! Is the ability to READ now a requirement? When
did that happen??? Next they'll be asking for a basic
understanding of development methodologies or (heaven
forbid) the ability to communicate!
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>Seeing the types of questions posted here, I doubt very
>much those type of people can read :)
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>>Kline and Jar are the only people i reckon who have read
>the FAQs in past
>>but what the heck... here it goes. Will try to update
>with a few extra links
>>if you are a beginner and think that MCAD or MCSD will
>look good on you !!!
>>hold you guns... lapel pins okay... but i havent used it
>till date..
>>get yourself .net sdk at
>>for info on visual studio
>>if you to try the new Visual studio 2005 tools.. express
>products are here
>>just for you.. help yourself.
>>Now one you know in's and out's of programming ... on to
>>Basic info on what MCP/MCAD/MCSD is
>>pointers to the right places...
>>MCP.. you give one exam you become MCP
>>MCAD.. do 3 select MCP exmas and you become MCAD
>>MCSD.. do all the required MCPs for a particular stream
>and you become MCSD
>>For .NET certification(s) MCP/ MCAD/ MCSD:
>>you have 55 questions
>>passing score is 700 of 1000
>>its a 2 hour exam (plus 15 mins for tutorial + 15 for
>>it costs 103.something GBP in uk...
>>you can find out the cost for your country at
>>Also... you can take the exam in any order.. start with
>elective or a core
>>the only requirement is that you do the least number of
>MCPs required for
>>your cert
>>If you program in C#.. get Amit Kalani's stuff... its
>too bad... infact
>>i am doing my 70-320 with this book and it all looks
>so far.
>>if you want MS training material...
>>Please dont request dumps and or training material or
>information to be
>>emailed to you. if you are smart enough to finish a
>newsgroup to spam then
>>please remember that google is your best friend. first
>find out what mcad /
>>mcsd is.
>>Hermit Dave