Re: Whats going on??

From: Hermit Dave (
Date: 08/31/04

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 23:11:14 +0100

look you in the market the number of new projects is limited. for that most
people are going .net.
there is some code from DNA era which was VB6 and C++/ATL COM and even ASP.
so what they are trying is to find
a person who can manage the old code.
if possible and need to migrate it to .net equivalent.
and ofcourse be able to do a brand new project in .net

Hermit Dave
"SirReadAlot" <> wrote in message
> Hi guys,
> I become certified in July 04. Before that I
> have spent 3 years at a London University studying
> Business Information Systems.
> I have been applying for work since July but all the
> Agencys and Job Adverts seem to ask for is if I know any
> ASP, COM, VB6, as well as the .net versions. Is this some
> joke that after becoming .net certified, I now have to
> learn Old programming codes??.
> Went for an interview today and the boss kept talking
> about com, vb6, are these trick questions?. I thought all
> these companies need to be moving on with new tech.
> Anyway I will like to thank everyone for all there help
> while I was studying for the .net exams and to all new
> comers, just work hard and remain focused.
> Thanks
> SirReadAlot